Cali Who?

Hiya friends! I’m Cali Hale! There isn’t a specific reason that I am Cali Hale, but it’s grown on me. My mom liked the name I guess. My dad wanted to call me Hunter, but turns out I was not a boy. There was a time my mom wanted to call me Len Hope, but that shipped sailed away without anyone on-board. My grandpa called me Pork Chop when I was little because I was chubby. My grandma calls me Cali but insists I call her Grandmother. It’s just dawning on me now that she has never asked what I want to be called. My Pappy refers to me as Kiddo and thinks I am way more accomplished than I really am.

My mom calls me Gertrude sometimes, and that’s just weird. She also mostly refers to me as Morgan or Miss Morgan, so I don’t know why she named me Cali. On special occasions, which seem to happen all the time, she calls me Cali Morgan and rubs the bridge of her nose while shaking her head. Guys I have dated refer to me as Cal, which makes me feel like a boy (very romantic). My sister tries not to call me anything because my reckless lifestyle might rub off on her if she summons me. My sweet baby nephew calls me Aunny Caywi because he can’t say My Favorite Person On This Planet, at least not yet.

In high school I had a Spanish name that I got to choose, so naturally I picked Caliente. My best friend Hallie and I took time out of our lives to pick our male counterpart names because her mom called us Hal and Cal, and since those are boy names, we needed to know what they were short for. We settled on Harris and Calvin. I don’t think she remembers that though, so there is a slight chance I chose those on my own and inserted her into the memory.

I have another best friend called Sonia, and her mom calls me The Friend From The Farm, but in Spanish. That’s probably my favorite thing to be called. My Aunt Melba called me Sugar a lot growing up. I like to believe it was because she thought I was sweet, but I know in my heart it was because I only ate sweets. There was also a time in third grade that she called me Prego, probably because the chubby thing. I have been called a lot of other things in my life, but children may read this and there is no need to put those words into their brains. If these names don’t suit you, feel free to come up with your own; meanwhile, I will just call you Friend.

Thanks, friend.

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